Welcome to Realty One Legal Services! We are a legal services firm specializing in real estate transactions and striving to do things differently than most. You will notice a couple of things about our website that are different from other legal firms:
First of all, we’ve kept it simple. We don’t give you a lot of information that you don’t need. Instead, we talk about what we do and we tell you up front how much it’s going to cost. Simple as that.

Second, we don’t talk about ourselves a lot. Most lawyers’ websites have a lot of information about schools the lawyers went to and what they’ve done for other clients in the past. We could list all of that too but we thought that what is most important is what we’re going to do for you today and until your deal is closed. You’ll get to know us over the phone and by meeting us in person. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and make your own judgment call about our qualifications and experience. Being a good real estate lawyer is all about YOU and what you need.

Third, most lawyers make you come to them –whether that’s at posh downtown offices or a suburban professional building. We give you you the choice. You can come to our Crowchild Trail NW office if that’s convenient for you, or you can ask that we come to you wherever that is –your home, place of business or favourite coffee. Again, our relationship should be about you and what is going to work best.

Finally, I hope our website feels and looks warm and inviting to you. We’re in a service profession and we want you to feel good about working with us. We at Realty One look forward to meeting you and to being of service!

By Corrine Fiesel |
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