Have you purchased a new home recently? Or perhaps sold an old home? If so, congratulations! These sort of milestones are not only the biggest financial transactions for most people but also the biggest life transitions as well. And it’s typically at this point that celebrations are organized in order to commemorate the special occasion.

However, before you start popping the bubbly and hiring the catering services, it’s important to remember that the transaction still needs to be closed. For this reason, you have to find yourself a real estate lawyer.

But you may be wondering what to look for in such an individual when you begin your search. We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn the top 4 traits you should look for when hiring a real estate lawyer in Calgary.

1. Likeability

On the surface, this may seem like a rather innocuous or trivial trait. However, with a bit of intelligence, we can look beneath the surface and see why this is important. You can have the most competent and experienced real estate professionals in Calgary, but if they have a poor attitude and are difficult to work with, the process will be much more difficult and cumbersome than it needs to be.

And of course, that will put undue pressure and stress on you, which are not desirable feelings, especially during a life transition that is already challenging enough.

As such, if you find that you don’t like your real estate lawyer, for whatever reason (they don’t communicate well, they don’t respect your boundaries or time, they lack professionalism, etc), then it’s best to keep looking until you do find one who is a better fit.

You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and headaches.

2. They Can Get Results

Nothing speaks like results – they are self-evident. Although you won’t see the results until the actual closing of the transaction, it’s important to be vigilant during the process. Has your real estate lawyer made initial contact with you? Are they responsive in getting back to you within a reasonable time frame? Is there an open line of communication between you, the realtor, your lender (if you’re purchasing), and their team?

It’s amazing the amount of work that takes place on a real estate deal that you may have been oblivious to previously.

Talk to your realtor and/or mortgage broker. They deal with real estate professionals all the time and usually know who is good and who isn’t. Always opt for the individual who can get the job done, and who has a track record of doing so.

3. They Are Knowledgeable

Knowledge is a prerequisite for representing your interests in a real estate deal. A lot is on the line, so you need someone who is competent. The last thing you want is to put trust in a real estate lawyer, only to have them fumble the ball, so to speak, because they are unaware of how to properly conduct business or are lacking in knowledge.

So ask yourself: Are they able to satisfactorily answer your questions? Do their responses inspire your confidence and trust in them? Do referrals and past clients speak highly of their services and abilities? The answers to these questions will divulge their level of knowledge of their industry and will help you to make the right decision.

4. They Have Experience

This trait coincides with our previous one. It goes without saying, however, that it is so important that it remains worth mentioning: An experienced real estate lawyer is the key component to this complicated process going smoothly. Has your real estate lawyer closed transactions similar to yours before? What transactions are they most familiar and competent with? Are they able to provide proof of such experience (reviews, testimonials, awards, etc)?

Ensure you have chosen an experienced real estate lawyer. Besides being able to get the job done, an experienced lawyer can also solve problems, overcome challenges, and foresee potential difficulties that may present themselves – and as a result – come up with solutions to manage and move past them.


There are many things to consider when hiring a real estate lawyer. However, by focusing on the few key traits that matter most, you can make a decision that will best serve your needs, while also providing you with peace of mind – and that’s a quality you can’t put a price on!

At Realty One Legal, we house a team of real estate professionals with over 30 years of industry experience. We offer expert advice and reliable guidance – all delivered with a friendly approach.

If you require real estate advice or services, contact us today for additional information. We look forward to hearing from you!

By Corrine Fiesel |
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